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Sydney Headache and Migraine Clinic

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Your best choice for headache and migraine treatment Sydney-wide

The Sydney Headache and Migraine Clinic™ (SHMC) specifically diagnoses and treats all types of headaches and migraines without the unwanted side effects of heavy medication. Experience same-day diagnosis and headache treatment with our scientifically-proven, medication-free approach.

The Assessment

Obtain an accurate diagnosis of your condition

The Treatment

Receive the optimum treatment for your headache type

The Results

A headache and migraine-free life is possible

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The Headache and Migraine Clinic Sydney (SHMC) uses modern and scientifically proven techniques to help headache and migraine sufferers all over the country. SHMC clinicians take a well coordinated team approach to treat migraines and headaches of all forms, including cluster headaches, facial pain, tension headaches and chronic migraine episodes, all while eliminating the risk of medication overuse headache. Clinic director, Bertrand Doeuk, has showcased the headache and migraine treatment technique across multiple TV & news outlets.

Medication-Free Migraine and Headaches Treatment Sydney

You should start to see results after your first few sessions and expect a significant reduction of even the most severe headache symptoms within 6 sessions. Don't just expect a difference - prepare for one! Our Prevent Headache4Life Plan does not only treat migraine symptoms. Our headache experts will help you to avoid relying on preventive medications and headache/ migraine pain relief. We can also help you break the cycle of ongoing treatment for migraine/headaches through education on headache and migraine triggers, as well as the primary and secondary contributing factors causing severe headaches and migraine attack episodes. Plus, if the clinician cannot find the underlying cause of your headache condition during your first consultation with our Sydney migraine clinic, then you will not have to pay for the consultation.

Treatment available for all types of headache conditions

At Sydney Headache and Migraine Clinic, our experienced practitioners will evaluate your vertigo, headache and migraine symptoms and provide a precise diagnosis. We will then administer the most suitable migraine/headache treatments or vertigo (BPPV) treatment based on your condition. During the treatment process we will also educate you on how to manage and prevent future headaches from occurring.

We address the root cause to relieve symptoms

Are you feeling the strain of frequent severe headaches or migraine attacks? The Sydney Headache and Migraine Clinic™ is here to help you understand the underlying factors behind your migraine/headache symptoms.

Our expert Sydney headache clinic team will help to prevent migraines occurring by identifying what is really causing your discomfort. This allows us to provide a preventive treatment specifically tailored to your medical history which doesn’t just relieve acute migraine/headache pain. We always make sure to target the cause of your pain when administering migraine/headache treatment.

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