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Effective And Safe

The Treatment

Are you tired of taking large amounts of medication? Tried every form of treatment with minimal results? A large portion migraine and headache patients are mis-diagnosed and mis-treated. Experience a revolutionary treatment option that is evidenced-based, non-invasive, medication-free, without requiring surgery.

Undergo A Medication-Free Treatment

The Three Systems

We focus on three main areas of your body (muscles, nerves, joints) when examining to ensure you receive the correct treatment for your condition. Using specific techniques we assess your brainstem to determine whether it is overactive, and causing pain signals to travel into the head, face and eye. Your neck is the gateway between your brain and body so we thoroughly assess it. When your brainstem is overactive it transmits pain into the head. We also assess your triggers that’s related to your headache or migraine attacks.

Is Your Neck A Contributing Factor?

We Treat The Cause

If we determine that your brainstem is the cause of your symptoms, you can expect us to treat your upper cervical spine in your neck. Our treatment does not involve any sharp movements that would result in ‘cracking’ of the neck. Instead, we apply gentle and selective stress to specific bony points on the vertebrae of your neck. We do this to re-create you pain for a short amount of time to de-sensitise your overactive brainstem that may be contributing to your condition. This approach is done in systematic order to effectively manage migraine and headache conditions to achieve the best results in a short amount of time.

We follow the latest evidence pioneered by Dean Watson, the founder and director of Watson Headache® Institute, who is recognised internationally. Dean Watson has revealed that the primary contributing factor to all headache and migraine types are specific segments of the upper cervical spine. Here at the Sydney Headache and Migraine Clinic™, we pride ourselves on following the latest research to give our patients the best results.

Evaluating Secondary Factors

We Investigate Other Possible Contributors

All other factors or better known as “triggers”, that could be contributing to your condition is also assessed. A holistic approach is implemented by addressing everything you do on a daily basis, and then giving you strategies as prevention.

We also believe that correct postural alignment is an important factor to consider, so we give specific prevention exercises to perform between your sessions to achieve the best results.

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