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The Assessment

Our initial assessment takes approximately 1 hour. This includes a thorough physical assessment and questioning so that clinicians at The Sydney Headache and Migraine clinic™ can understand everything about your headache and migraine condition.

About The Assessment Stage

What To Expect During The Assessment

1. Comprehensive and in-depth examination

We instigate an in-depth assessment to identify all possible related factors that could be causing your headaches or migraines. The upper cervical spine, in particular, is thoroughly examined to identify possible issues.

2. Ligamental stability and vertebral arterial tests

We undertake careful examination of neck ligaments and vertebral arteries, ensuring only the highest standards of patient safety and comfort.

3. Temporarily reproduce your headache and migraine symptoms

As a part of the treatment process, we apply gentle and selective stress to the upper cervical spine in order to reproduce headache symptoms, which subside after 20-30 seconds. This helps to identify and treat the cause of your headaches.

The importance of reproducing the symptoms

Our expertise in reproducing your headache and migraine symptoms allows us to accurately diagnose the issue and examining if your headaches or migraines are related to an issue with your upper cervical spine problem. We achieve high success rates with our Prevent Headaches4Life Plan – crafted specifically for you after your initial assessment – and we are confident medication won’t be necessary on this journey towards freedom from headache pain.

Accurately diagnosing and treating headaches or migraines often requires a detailed look into the source of your pain. Our cutting-edge diagnostic approach allows us to precisely reproduce your headache symptoms, making it easier for our team to determine if an upper cervical spine issue is contributing to your condition.

By replicating your headache sensations during assessment, you stand a much higher chance at becoming headache and migraine-free with no requirement for medication – all through the use of our personalised Prevent Headaches4Life Plans, crafted specifically for you after your initial assessment. This tailored plan will guide you through the 4 necessary stages to successfully treat your headaches or migraines.

Note: the temporary reproduction of your headache or migraine symptoms will subside after the assessment, and will not stimulate a headache or migraine attack.

Why Choose Us

No requirement for medication

We treat you for the long term and remove the need to rely on medication

High success rate and long-term results

We help you become headache-free now and into the future

Detailed assessment of your condition

Thorough evaluation of your condition to find the root cause of your symptoms

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