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Our 6 Step Plan

Prevent Headaches
4Life Plan

Our medication-free process is backed by the latest scientific research and is the most effective solution to treat and prevent headaches and migraines.

About Our Plan

A Simple Plan For Your Recovery


  • Detailed history assessment
  • Investigating your triggers
  • Investigating the root cause
  • Understanding your goals

Physical Testing

  • Full comprehensive assessment
  • Neural assessment
  • Muscular & joint assessment
  • Daily Habit analysis


  • Explain the cause
  • Understand the problem
  • Clear & accurate diagnosis


  • Medication-free treatment
  • Surgical free treatment
  • State of the art treatment
  • Evidenced based & proven treatment


  • Prevention strategies
  • Management strategies
  • Understanding your condition


  • Recovery plan explained
  • Clear indication of your prognosis
  • Understand how to resolve your condition

Finding The Root Cause

The 3 Main Systems That Can Trigger Your Condition


Your brainstem houses numerous nerves. When affected it can trigger headaches and migraines.


The neck is the connection gate between your brain and body. Your neck has sensitive structures such as nerves, joints and muscles. When affected it can be responsible in causing neural pain to transmit into the head such as headaches and migraines.


Is your body hypersensitive to certain triggers such as food & drinks, weather & temperature changes, mental stress & physical exertion?

These triggers will be assessed to investigate if they cause symptoms such as nausea & vomiting, vertigo, visual issues, sensitive to light, sound or smell, and whether it affects your mental capacity to think clearly.

Primary vs Secondary Causes

Understanding Your Primary & Secondary Contributing Factor

PCF (Primary Contributing Factor)

Is the underlying root cause of the problem that is causing your headaches or migraines. You will be surprised where your PCF may come from as most often your PCF may lie within a problematic segmental joint within your upper cervical spine. This is the upper neck joints where your brainstem lies.

SCF (Secondary Contributing Factor)

are secondary issues which are associated with your condition. For example, your SCF may be due to sleeping on an incorrect pillow, sitting with a bad posture when using your computer, or not drinking enough water throughout the day.

Your clinician will identify and look after both your PCF and SCFs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the process safe?

The assessment and treatment process is completely safe. We are a medication-free, non-invasive and surgical-free clinic. We avoid exposing your body to any harmful drugs. Treating your condition medication-free is possible.

How will I know the process will work?

The secret to the success of the process is in the first consultation. The primary focus is to identify the underlying cause of your condition. The case will then be as simple as black and white. If we can find the underlying cause of your condition, a treatment solution can be deployed to help your condition…If we cannot find the cause of your condition, it will unfortunately mean we cannot help you. In this case we will refer you to another health practitioner, and you won’t be charged for your consultation with us. That is our guarantee.see more

How successful is the process?

If you fulfil the criteria and are deemed suitable for treatment, we expect a significant improvement to occur quickly in 90% of our patients. We expect to observe these changes within 3-4 weeks from your first consultation.

I've tried everything. What will you do that is different?

The majority of patients have reported of seeing every health practitioner they can name, tried all different medications on the market, and have undergone surgical intervention. Most patients however have never been to a dedicate headache clinic that solely deals with headaches and migraines…What we do differently is we only deal with headache and migraine conditions, hence our expertise day in and day out is treating those with this disorder. We assess the brainstem, the connection between your brain and your body. Then understanding why your body is hypersensitive to certain triggers that cause your headache and migraine symptoms. Once those 3 systems are assessed thoroughly, we have a better understanding of your condition, and know how to manage and treat your disorder successfully.see more

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