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Our Team

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Marinus Du Preez

Principal Clinician

Marinus moved to Sydney from New Zealand to further progress his career with the Sydney Headache and Migraine Clinic™.

Marinus worked in Cambridge for five years in fast pace private practice where he was able see a large number of injuries and conditions. Marinus uses a holistic approach to modern Physiotherapy using evidence-based practice to implement a patient centered care model. Marinus subscribes to the modern research that all migraines and headaches are multi factorial and thus need to be managed with several different interventions.

Haeley Kan

Associate Headache Clinician

Hailing from Canada, Haeley’s dedication to understanding and treating headaches is deeply personal, rooted in his childhood experiences witnessing his mom’s frequent attacks. This emotional connection has strengthened his commitment to collaboratively work with patients, seeking a long-term, medication-free solution for persistent headaches and migraines. Having lived in four different countries, Haeley brings a compassionate yet well-rounded approach to delivering evidence-based care and aiding patients in achieving their goals.

Bertrand Doeuk


Bertrand Doeuk, Director and Founder of The Sydney Headache and Migraine Clinic™, has devoted his time and commitment in an exclusive area of treatment for headaches and migraines throughout, Australia.

Bertrand has been titled as “Certified Practitioner” by two internationally recognised manual therapy institutions: Mulligan Concepts and Watson Headache® institute. With these added manual therapy skills, he has been able to help countless patients recover from all forms of acute and chronic headache and migraine conditions.

Nikita Gore


Nikita is one of our administrative staff at the Sydney Headache and Migraine Clinic. Nikita is an experienced administrative professional who was born in Dublin, Ireland, and made the huge move to Sydney in 2019. Nikita is determined and ambitious and is excited to make positive changes in her new role! She prides herself in her ability to make patients feel comfortable and welcome throughout their entire experience with us, starting from when they step through the door!

Niki Dhinaharan


Nikita is one of our amazing receptionists at the Sydney Headache and Migraine Clinic. Niki approaches people with a friendly face and a positive attitude, which we are lucky to experience at our Sydney clinic. As a current Physiotherapy Student, she is able to use her physiotherapy skills and knowledge to better interact with patients. On top of this, Nikita loves to interact with people, and strives to ensure all patients feel at ease once entering our clinic.

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